Friday, July 05, 2013

Legends of Chess: Em. Lasker: Godin, Stepak Triumph, Yip Reaches Expert, More

On June 29th, the BCC held its Legends of Chess tournament to honor Emanuel Lasker, one of the all-time legends of the game. It is in the spirit of greatness that the most memorable tournaments are held, and this was no exception:

LM and BCC stalwart Eric Godin won clear 1st in the Open section with 3.5/4

Greatness in our midst! With 2.5/4 Saturday, good enough for 4-8th in the Open, Carissa Yip became the YOUNGEST GIRL IN USCF HISTORY TO REACH EXPERT, at the age of nine! Here, she plays LM Hal Terrie, who would tie for 2-3rd in the Open with 3/4. In the background, Michelle Chen plays rising star Brandon Wu.

NM Mika Brattain tied for 2-3rd in the Open with 3/4

Carissa playing Oliver Traldi

Reigning BCC Champion Lawyer Times plays reigning Weaver Adams co-champion Brandon Wu

Loring Lauretti plays Nithin Kavi. Meanwhile, it's always Hawaiian Shirt Day with BCC President and blogger Nathan Smolensky

A murderer's row: LM Terrie, LM Godin, and NM Carey Theil face off against Carissa Yip (not pictured), Emanuel Mevs, and Brandon Wu.

Steve Stepak plays Sandeep Shankar. Stepak would win clear 1st in the U1800 section, with 3/4. Photo: Chess Press

Rohan Shankar - Lucy Cai. Both would share 2-4th place in the U1800 section with 2.5/4.

Seyhmus Yuksekkaya - Alex Yu. Yuksekkaya would share 2-4th place in the U1800 section with 2.5/4.   

Photo credit Steve Stepak. See you this weekend for Quads!

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