Tuesday, July 30, 2013


J. Timothy Sage, Professor Physics, Northeastern University, Boston,
wins the splendid 5 round qualifier en route to the BCC Championship this Fall.
Professor Timothy Sage plays black vs Frank Wang, Round 5.
These players were the top seeds. The game was drawn.
Professor Sage scored a respectable 4.5/5 to win the event.
Frank scored 3 points to share 3-6th place.
Dan Schmidt plays Nathan Smolensky, BCC/MACA President, Round 5.
Dan emerged with 3.5 points to capture clear 2nd in the event.
Nathan scored 3 points to share 3-6th place.
Tim O'Malley vs Frank Wang, Round 4.
Wang, O'Malley, Astrachan and Smolensky scored 3 points
to share 3-6th place.
(background): Brandon Wu vs Ted Cross.
Upper-right: Nathan Smolensky thinking . . . 
Ed Astrachan (right) plays Brandon Wu. Ed scored 3 points
to share 3-6th place in this event. Brandon, Weaver Adams 
Co-Champion, scored 2 points, good for a +11 rating hike.
Dan Schmidt, black vs Joel Wald, Weaver Adams Co-Champion, 
Round 4. Wald finished with 1.5 points, good for a +4 rating hike.
(Background, center): Jason Tang.
Standing: Timothy Sage, Ted Cross, Jeff Weinstein.
Oliver Traldi, black vs Jonathan Lee, Round 1.
Battle of the Hats: "General" Terrence Fricker, 
plays black against Ed Astrachen, Round 3.
Brandon Wu plays black vs Natasha Christiansen, Round 3.
Nathan Smolensky vs Jason Tang, Round 1.
This was a 14 player event.
An excellent job done by TD Bernardo Iglesias.
See you tomorrow for BCC Rapids.

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