Friday, July 26, 2013

Sahakian, Times Triumph at Time-Handicap Blitz

This past Sunday, the Boylston hosted a very different kind of blitz tournament - with time handicaps based on rating, it would level the playing field, making for an exciting and unpredictable event. 

The event was a round robin, with eleven players participating. When the smoke cleared, the second seed, club champion and NM Lawyer Times, and the seventh seed, Mateos Sahakian, were tied for 1st with excellent 9/10 scores. A time-handicap bullet playoff for the title ensued, and Sahakian triumphed, becoming the BCC's first Time Handicap Blitz Champion!

More event highlights: 

 Sahakian - Schmidt
 Chiu - D. Barash
 A. Barash - Rabin
 Sikarov - Nicholas
 Schmidt - Times
Zeldow - Hoy

Join us again this weekend for another round of BCC fun, with our $5 Open Saturday followed by our Members' picnic, this Sunday at noon at Danehy Park in Cambridge.

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