Monday, September 12, 2005

Championship Season Redux

Last week I announced the start of Championship Season here at the Boylston Chess Club. Just to prove how few club members actually read this blog, not one left a comment indicating that I got just about everything wrong in that post.

I was mildly suspicious about the 1st round being scheduled for Labor Day, especially since the final rounds of the New England Open were also being played last Monday. But, heh, that's what the BCC website said (and still does, for that matter). In any case, the Championship and Hauptturnier start tonight.

I was also wrong about not qualifying for the Championship. It turns out that there were a sufficient number of unclaimed spaces by the club masters that everyone who scored > 50% in the Reubens-Landey was offered an invitation. Unfortunately, for the reason mentioned earlier -- adjournment fatigue, I chose to decline.

So what did I get right? Just that there will be some coverage of the Championship here at BCC Weblog. I spoke to Bernardo and he will be forwarding me the game scores from each round. In addition, it's possible that Bob will post updates on the Haup. Stay tuned.

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