Friday, September 09, 2005

Foreign Relations

As has been discussed before, BCC Weblog has a much greater following outside the club than from its own members. Recently, I have been thinking about launching another marketing campaign with the membership to raise awareness and the theme I have been contemplating is something like this:

Chess players all over the world read BCC Weblog.
What about you?

For example, I could put together a flyer with flags from all the different countries that visit the blog surrounding the text above and list the URL below. A similar e-mail is another idea.

In any case, with these ideas swirling in my head I had one of those "not everything is random, there must be someone directing these things" moment when I discovered that BCC Weblog was mentioned twice in foreign language blogs (foreign to me, not the bloggers. Come to think of it, what a parochial term that is) in the past two days.

From Italy: Quattro link interessanti - From France: It's a wonderful life...

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