Friday, September 16, 2005

Looking for signs of life

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This summer has obviously been hard on the chess blogosphere -- more and more links headed to the inactive lists and few coming back the other way:
  • A long time resident of the sidebar has passed the 30-day mark -- My Chess. A bit of a surprise frankly, but hopefully he'll be back soon. Der Alter Goniff was all but "Goniff" and then snuck back in at the wire.
  • Several blogs in the Other Chess Blogs list have also been quiet for awhile -- En Passant, World of Chess, Chess Morph, GM Maurice Ashley, Ginsta's Chess Blog, Adam's Chess Blog, Kyle's Chess Spot and JammingEcono's Chess and Politics Blog.
  • The Extreme Chess Federation has evolved into; while it was never clear if the original blog was actually about chess, the new site can hardly be considered a chess blog. As such, it has been removed.
  • The Hooked Knight got the hook.

  • Finally, one positive note - Riley's Chess Blog was recently updated after many months. Get your fix of Dayton, Ohio chess news while it's hot.

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