Thursday, September 01, 2005

Easy come, easy go

Ginsta's time on the sidebar did turn out to be short and so his link can now be found in the Inactive listings under Other Chess Blogs. Should he start posting again, I'll be happy to move him back to the front page.

In other linking notes:
  • Two long inactive blogs came back from the dead -- Art of Chess and Bungalow Bill have both been moved to the Active listings though I don't think either really offers content with a particularly broad appeal

  • UnderNetChess moved in the opposite direction from Active to Inactive

  • I added Chess Collector to the sidebar. My French still isn't particularly good, but I really enjoy this blog and try to read it everyday

  • It's the dog days of summer for the Questers and some of them must have been overcome by the heat. I've moved Knightwiz, SilverDragon and Zeon into hiatus. Is the Hooked Knight far behind?

  • I've added the two new Knights which Tempo recently introduced. However, since neither has linked to the rest of the group yet, I would consider them on probationary status

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