Thursday, February 16, 2006

Overused Metaphor Alert

I can't wait for the Olympics to be over, so we can have four straight years of not hearing this:

...the sport of curling. It's fascinating. It's a strange melange of shuffleboard, chess, and bocce. On ice. - trotsky nj

So I have become strangely addicted to curling over the last few Winter Olympics.... They call it "chess on ice" 'cause it's very strategy-oriented rather than being based on sheer brawn. - tinabina3

I discovered the odd sport of curling at the tail end of the last winter Olympics.... I laughed yesterday because *right* after I thought, "Hmm, it's like chess on ice." one of the commentators said, "...and that's why curling is often called chess on ice..." - The Pretty Bee

At least this next quote takes a different spin on connecting the two games:

No, honestly, why is curling in the Olympics? No offense, but it's even more boring than watching chess. - Christopher

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