Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Night Controversy - Revisited

Last night the Board of Directors of The Boylston Chess Foundation took up the issue of re-entries raised in my earlier post "Thursday Night Controversy."

A motion was passed to the effect that since, in the view of the Board, the USCF rules on re-entries are intended to apply only to events with more than one schedule, re-entries would only be allowed at club events with multiple schedules. Since the club does not currently run any multiple schedule events, this effectively eliminates re-entries at all BCF tournaments.

In a related decision, the Board opted to make no restrictions on late entries. Though they did opt to give tournament directors the discretion to limit the number of 1/2-point byes given to a late entrant if the TD believed the late entrant would otherwise have an adverse impact on the competition and/or pairings (the specific example discussed involved a player opting to enter the last round of a four round event and requesting three 1/2-point byes).

Copies of the original post and related comments were shared with the Board members prior to the discussion, making this the first time that the blog and its readers have played an integral role in the policy deliberations of the Foundation.

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