Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shoveling after the storm

Time to clean up the links again...
  • Blogs relisted as Inactive: Schach und nochmal Schach, India Chess, Brighton Chess Club Weblog, the Ruy Lopez show, Correspondence Chess Australia

  • Knights placed on hiatus: Dluzewski, JavaManIssa

  • Recent additions to the sidebar: Loren's Chess Blog, Duveltje's Schaakweb

  • Recent additions to the Active listings: Chessbuff on Chess, Madera Chess Club, Club de Ajedrez Tres Peons, Super Ajedrez Gratis, Ajedrez Mundial, Ajedrez en Puebla, Pasion por el Ajedrez, Also sprach Duveltje
In a related topic, I would like some feedback from the Knights on what to do about Satish Talim's listing. He has not posted since January 7th and therefore is eligible to be placed in hiatus. However, reviewing his blog (once you get through all the ad clutter) it seems that he really hasn't posted anything related to his personal chess improvement efforts in over six months. As such, the question of possible defrocking is raised. Your thoughts?

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