Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a link-ful day

I've been finding all sorts of new links today. Check the listings and you'll see:
  • The new home of GilaChess - renamed Chess Improvement

  • A number of links to Russian sites that aren't really blogs, but do have blog-like news sections (inversely chronological dated posts). [Update (2/22/06): Upon further reflection I decided that these sites aren't really blogs, so I removed them.] I don't really know what the posts are about beyond what can be gleaned from the photos and diagrams since the common translation programs I use don't seem to do a very good job with Russian. The one "real" Russian blog that I did find, Young-Expert, is unfortunately inactive so I listed it as such

  • Several new Dutch listings which Duveltje discovered

  • ... and a few relatively new blogs that have yet to publish anything that would distinguish them from the crowd
Not every site listed has an RSS feed, but most do. As a result, I am now up to 195 chess blog feeds on my Bloglines reader.

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