Friday, March 20, 2009

Chess Networking and the Recession

Chess Networking and The Recession

The most telling effect about this current recession is the huge decline of traffic on the expressway every weekday morning indicating that there are far fewer people going to work every morning. Part of this could also be attributed to the shift by people to use mass transit in spite of fuel costs dropping.

Chessplayers may not know it, but job loss due to consolidation and recession has already caused people to spend more time playing chess or in contributing more of their time for the betterment of the game. Out of respect I'm not going to name names, but I can see that the recession is improving BCF and Mass chess.

This has happened in past recessions as well, as people have more time on their hands and want to invest it in areas that do not consume many resources but provide relaxation and solace. As mentioned before, Harry Lyman and Myer Edelstein found ways to lighten the mental load recessions bring and found ways to keep people occupied (see below). Weekly we hear former BCC member Grandmaster Ken Rogoff of Harvard speaking on WGBH & NPR giving opinion and making economic recommendations.

Experts now say that personal networking is essential in getting that next job. But it is the "remote connection" not the immediate family member that is more likely to create a new job opportunity. And because most chess players tend to be nerdy knowledge workers, many working in similar areas, I ask that you reach out and let other chessplayer comrades know what you do and if you are in need of a job.

I think if we all spend a little effort on this we can make life for our chess buddies better and improve the economy in general as well. So let's do a little more than be outraged; it's water under the dam. Lets become a little more aware of what is going on with our chess brothers and pass information on if we can help. As C.J.S. Purdy said: Success sometimes comes from just looking around. Invest some time in networking and looking for opportunities and pass that information on. Perhaps Ken could change the economic karma if he came back to chess?

What are some of your ideas about networking? Do you have any good examples from the past?

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