Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good turnout for the March $10 Open

1797 $10 gold coins with the 'Small eagle'
aka the 'Big Rodan' ??

Saturday's $10 Open drew 35 players, proving again that players like to pay more for lunch than the entry fee.

In the 25 member Open Section, Chris Chase and Amion Chinodakufa shared 1st and 2nd with 3.5 of 4.0, and $100 each. Amion had played only 11 previous USCF games with a rating of 2139. The four games at the Boylston pushed him to 2215 p 14. Does that make him a provisional national master?

In the U1800 Richard Kahn with 3.5 won sole first and $75. Second place (and $20 each) was claimed by Darell Rose, John Watters, and Parag Mujumdar. Parag has now played a total of 7 rated games and has a rating of 1390. Nice.

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