Sunday, March 22, 2009

Palin Gambit loses to My Girl is Pissed

The Palin Gambit faltered (3-1) in the playoff. I haven't heard yet who won the ultimate playoff. Congratulations Paul, Brian, Libardo, and Alan for a fine achievement.

Tony Cortizas sent some good photos from Church St. in Cambridge.

South: My Girl is Pissed vs. East: Palin Gambit: I can See Checkmate from My House
Bruci Lopez vs.
Paul MacIntyre
Bian Hulse
vs. Ernesto Alvarez
Gil Luna vs.
Libardo Rueda
Alan Price
vs. Makaio Krienke

North: Jimmy Runs Deep vs. West: ACA Beasts
Jim Dean vs. John Bryant
Michael Yee vs. Garrett Smith
Drew Hollinberger vs. Vincent Huang
Santy Wong vs. Danny Gater

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