Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Return Of Edwin Korir

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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Return Of Edwin Korir
Through thick and thin, through marauding militias and blood thirsty janja weed, from desert storms to to desert ovens from Kenya to Sudan and everything in between.

Hello Kenya for the past few months I have not posted a blog entry but for very good reasons.

I was in the Sudan on a peace keeping mission.

Now in a place called Rumbek where electricity has never been discovered the internet is as alien as planet mongo.

Chess news was had to come by and so I hear Anand is world champion!

What about the local scene, well it seems from what I can gather from the Kenya chess forum that the same old ‘beef’ is going on.

But I played chess in the Sudan with a couple of patzers I was with and a UN worker from Lithuania who was extremely good.

But the biggest part was trying to buffer Dafur from attacks by the Janja weed militia a modern day reincarnation of the 1800’s Madhi.

It seems I have been in a time warp although I have gone through quite a number of my favorite websites to get updated e.g. chessbase, chessninja, chesscafe, London chess club, chesszone and thechessdrum....

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