Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boylston well-represented at the Eastern Class

Boylston Chess Foundation members and players were well-represented at the 18th Eastern Class in Sturbridge, March 6-8.

200 players competed! Congratulations to all!

Masters [27 players]
1st 4.0 Marc Esserman 2462

......4.0 GM Dalmen Sadvakasov 2618

Read Chris Bird's coverage of the Eastern Class on the US Chess site.

It begins:

In weekend Swiss tournaments, so often the final round is anticlimactic with the top board, and one or two others, agreeing to peacefully end their weekend and secure some prize money for their efforts. The CCA's Eastern Class Championships held in the old rural village of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, this past weekend, March 6-8, was anything but your typical finish. It produced one of the most thrilling conclusions to a tournament I have had the pleasure to watch.

2nd 3.5 Denys Shmelov 2450

.......3.5 GM Serge Kudrin 2616

Experts [32 players]
1st 4.5 Jason Spector 2154

[Jason studies at Bowdoin and has been Chess Champion of Maine for 2007 and 2008.]
......4.5 Dan Rozovsky
2nd 4.0 James Nitz 2113

Class A [36 players] 1st 4.5 Embert Lin 1886

Class B [48 players]
1st 5.0 Robert Denunzio 1870

2nd 4.0 Grant Xu 1812
.......4.0 Thomas Hilton 1801
.......4.0 Julio Echevara 1788
.......4.0 Neil Fachon 1781
.......4.0 Kevin Berry 1746

Class C [30 players] 1st 4.5 Richard Chang 1664

Class D [19 players] 1st 4.5 Catherine Ryan 1472

Class E [23 players] 1st 4.0 Brian Eibert 1180, Zachary Coombs 1176, William Klein 1161

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