Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boylston Chess Club is "Expanding" to South Station!

Starting in October, the Boylston Chess Club will have several "reserved" tables at South Station, Boston. We will also have some space to store some chess boards, sets, clocks, and some fliers advertising our club.

What we need are players! We are looking for a few volunteers to act as seeds a couple of times a week during lunch time (and early evening) in the first weeks of October. The only requirement will be to play chess! We'll provide sets and boards, and you can just sit and play chess-- what could be easier?

Furthermore, to publicize our South Station presence, on October 20th, GM Larry Christiansen will be performing a 20 board simul right in the middle of South Station. Watch this space for future details on how to register for this event and what great prizes we will have. Volunteers who help us establish our October stamp in South Station will have priority for a seat in the simul.

Please e-mail the club directly if you want to help us by playing chess in South Station at lunchtime. Even once a week, or twice a month, would be a great help.


bs said...

Is the grand idea for daily, informal lunchtime games where, I presume, members check out the sets but everyone is encouraged to play? Or is there an additional aim of scheduled meetings with tournaments and events? I'm rarely down there but it's nice to hear of any outreach efforts.


Rihel said...

Right now our idea for the space is evolving. First, we will have an informal space where chess players can get access to boards and sets and encourage others to play/learn about the club. Then, at monthly intervals or so, we will work with South Station to put on chess events-- the first one is a simul by GM Larry Christiansen, right in the middle of the station! After that, we will work with South Station to put on additional events, including more simuls and maybe eventually even whole tournaments.

It is all part of a revitalization effort for South Station, which has been going on for a while now, which has included string quartets, circus acts, acapella bands, etc. Chess is seen as part of this revitalization, and they have partnered with the Boylston Chess Club to help them.

atreides said...

I could be there on evening. I did voluntary chess classes for Fitchburg Library ( 2004 ), Boys & Girls Club - Hudson ( 2009 ). I am going to take a look on my working schedule.