Sunday, September 11, 2011

IM Esserman's Sensational Smith-Morra Gambit against GM Loek van Wely


[ GM Larry Christiansen just analyzed Marc's game in his series "Attacking with Larry C" on chess.FM. ]

In the Boston Globe on September 10, Harold Dondis noted Marc Esserman's sensational Smith-Morra Gambit against Loek van Wely.

Marc Esserman, one of the outstanding players appearing now and then at the Boylston Chess Club, turned in this sensational game at the US Open, against Loek van Wely, of the Netherlands, a frequent champion who maintains a high 2700 rating. The game is a Smith-Morra Gambit, with Esserman playing White and at its finish it set the Internet all abuzz. ...

Read the entire article and view the game and GM Patrick Wolf's comments at

btw, both Harold Dondis and Patrick Wolf are distinguished long-time Boylston members


The game was a topic in several other major papers:


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Sean said...

Nice work, Marc! Awesome game.