Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chess 960 Tuesday Night, Sept 27th, 7PM

This Tuesday, September 27th, we are having another Chess960 tournament. If you haven't heard of Chess 960 / Fischer Random, it's a great variant, and a good way to build up tactical strength. Many of the top players like to play Chess960.

The event begins at 7, with registration starting at 6:15. Entry is $5 for members, $10 for non-members, with 60% of entry fees going to prizes. Format is round robin, pending turnout. No USCF membership required!

WGM Kosteniuk plays Chess960 (and is the Chess960 woman's world champion) -- why don't you?

GM Aronian also plays chess960:


Mark Weeks said...

A small correction: GM Nakamura is the Chess960 World Champion. Kosteniuk, who is also a GM (not a WGM), is the Chess960 Women's World Champion. Since the annual Mainz tournament, where the titles were granted, is no longer held, they are likely to remain titleholders for some time.

Rihel said...

Mark-- thanks for the correction.