Thursday, September 15, 2011



EQUALS Bughouse!

This Sunday, September 18th, the Boylston will be having its first ever Bughouse tournament. Bughouse, for those not familiar with it, is an exciting chess variant featuring teams of two players working in tandem. For more on the game, including the rules we will be using, you can visit

Tournament registration begins at 11:00 A.M. You can come with a partner or solo, in which case we can try to find you a partner. At noon, we will briefly go over the rules of bughouse, and the tournament will start shortly thereafter. It will be over by 4:30 at the absolute latest. The format will be double round-robin. Entry is $5 per person.

This should be a great, casual event. Creative team names and team uniforms are welcome. No USCF membership is required. Bring your friends!

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Robert Oresick said...

Shall we bring our own bugs? bob