Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chess & Go...

One of the best things about the Boylston Chess Club web site is its very nicely maintained calendar. Using our calendar you can find out everything that's happening at the Club.

Most longtime Club members will remember that, just down the hall from us, lived the MA Go Association, an organization very much like ours devoted to the ancient game of Go. What most of you don't know is that 3.5 years ago when I moved to MA it was a tossup whether I'd end up at the Go club or the Chess club. I tried both. Neither took at the time because I was in the midst of starting up a new job and a new career. However, this summer when the gaming bug bit me hard it was the Boylston Chess Club that I joined because the MA Go Association...had lost their room.

This is a lesson to us all. While financially we are doing rather well, we only continue to do well with your support both in terms of membership, donations, and tournament activity. Your membership is critical and always very, very much appreciated. Your response to the donation letter written by Natasha can be of critical importance as well. Finally, participation in the Boylston Chess Club tournament schedule is not only fun, but a percentage of your entry fee critically supports the club in terms of rent, etc.

The MA Go Association was not so lucky. However, they live on in diaspora! We had, and now we continue to have, a very good and friendly relationship with them that is mutually beneficial. I'd like to tell you about one of those relational benefits now.

You'll find an unusual entry for this Sunday, 15 January on our calendar. The MA Go Association will hold its Winter Quarterly Go Tournament at the Boylston Chess Club. Not only is the Boylston Chess club gaining a rent income from this tournament, but now as a liason between both clubs (I am also now a member of the Go Club) I was able to negotiate a member's entry fee for the Go Tournament for Boylston Chess Club members. This means that if you are a BCC member and wish to play in the MA Go Assoc. Winter Quarterly Go Tournament this Sunday at the Club, you pay Go Club member prices!

Details regarding the tournament can be found on their website here.

If you have an interest, but not quite enough to compete, think about stopping by to see what's going on, or to cheer on your Club Clerk! :-) A lot of the procedures you'll find very familiar. The American Go Assoc. uses a Swiss System format for their tournaments as well. The boards and pieces, well, they'll be somewhat different!


RuralRob said...

One of the best things about Go is, it hasn't been solved by computers yet! The very best Go programs currently play at the equivalent of about a 2100 rating, and further upward progress has been rather slow, due to the sheer complexity of the game on a 19x19 board.

mrneale said...

I'll be there and I'll cheer you on... unless we are paired against each other. :)
- Mark