Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grand Prix Returns!

Sacre bleu! A new year has begun, and with it a new search for le grand prix. This installment of the BCF's newest tournament series will only go until June, however, which means only five tournaments remain until standings become final. Here is the leader board after the January tournament:

Name                               Points

Eric Godin                       3
Chris Williams                2

Sebastian Gueler            3
Emmanuel Mevs            3
Jesse Nicholas               2.5

Ross Eldridge                 1
Natasha Christiansen     1
Harold Dondis                1

Mike Griffin                   3
Thomas Laaman            2.5
Ed Foye                          2
Robert Holmgren            2
Howard Kim                   2
Nithin Kavi                    2

Steven Stepak              4
Timothy Lavoie            2.5
David Martin                 2.5

Alyssa Stachowski         2
Matt Manzo                  1
Percy Yip                      1

Lauren Smorgonsky      1
Eddie Wei                     1

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