Sunday, January 01, 2012

Herb Healy Rating Delayed...

The Herb Healy New Years Day Tournament was a resounding success, the details of which will appear later.

However, it was important to let you folks know that the rating of the Herb Healy may well be delayed until Tuesday afternoon. Why? 1 January was a changeover date for a lot of things, some of which happened within the USCF. Rules changes, such as new rules on time limits and delays were put into effect. New memberships were put into effect. But more to the point of this posting, a new tournament web submission system was put into effect.

As with anything like this the USCF is proceeding cautiously. With a little bit of extra effort, Bernardo and I were able to successfully submit the Herb Healy tournament to the USCF Offices. However, they have, for New Years, apparently turned off the submission processing queue, probably intending to hand hold it for the 1 January tournaments when people get back to the office.

So, the Herb Healy tournament has been successfully verified and submitted, but please do not be surprised if its not actually processed and available to be looked at on the web until Tuesday afternoon. It may happen before that, but due to vacation schedules, it won't surprise me if it doesn't make it online until Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Everything went well and has been done from our end. Now we wait on the USCF to complete its end of the deal.

Thanks to everyone who participated today with the Herb Healy. It was a wonderful time!

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Ken said...

Thanks, Doc. I was just about to check the results, but I decided to do that "by way of" the blog, so after seeing your post, I'll check for them later.

Hope everyone had a good time!