Monday, January 02, 2012

Grand Prix 2011 Final Report

Happy New Year, everyone.

The results from the final Boylston Chess Club grand prix are in, and, after an exciting year-long race, we have our winners:

They are:

Under 2400-- Eric Godin

Under 2200-- Tian Rossi

Under 2000-- Jason Rihel and Mike Griffin

Under 1800-- Steven Stepak

Under 1600-- Mark Neale

Under 1400-- Allen Wang

Under 1200-- Arthur Tang

Congrats to our winners; we hope you enjoy your prizes!

Also, we'd like to announce that the 2012 Grand Prix Cycle is going to start at the end of January with a couple of changes. First, the two sections will be Open and Under 1600. Second, the Grand Prix will last for six months-- leaders at the end of six months will win free entry prizes (4 free entries for BCC members; 2 free entries for non-members). We will have another Grand Prix cycle start in July and last through the end of the year.

We hope that the low entry fee and high quality of our Grand Prix event will continue to be part of your Bolyston Chess Club experience. This past year, we had 125 (!) different players participate in the Grand Prix cycle with an average of just under 30 players per tournament.

Not a Pontiac Grand Prix-- The Boylston Chess Club Grand Prix!

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Hello BCC!

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