Sunday, April 28, 2013


The first Earth Day happened on April 22, 1970. Established by Gaylord Nelson, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, to focus attention on and duty to preserving a healthy, sustainable environment. In the spirit of this concept, the BCC held a 32 player 4 round Swiss, in 2 sections: Premier and U1650. In a highly competitive field of 19 players, NM Carey Theil and Expert Jesse Nicholas tied for 1st place in the Premier Section with a score of 3.5 out of 4.
NM Carey Theil 3.5 points 1-2nd place in Premier Section.
Carey brought his rating over 2200 in this event, to 2204. Bravo Carey.
Keep up the good work.
Jesse Nicholas, 1-2nd with 3.5 points in Premier Section.
Jesse is fast heading towards the 2200 rating mark with 2156. Bravo Jesse.
A tense, calculating struggle in Round 3: Nicholas v Theil: draw!
NM Eric Godin 3-9th, Premier Section with 2.5 points.
Terrence Fricker, 3-9th, Premier Section.
Carissa Yip, 3-9th in Premier Section
Oliver Traldi 3-9th, Premier Section
Carissa Yip vs Seth Lieberman, Round 2: draw.
Lieberman also scored 2.5 points to place 3-9th in Premier Section.
Traldi vs Jerry Williams; Fricker vs Arthur Tang (also 3-9th in Premier Section)
and (back back): Kavi, black vs Dondis. Round 2.
Top Scholastic Players in Massachusetts Nithin Kavi vs Carissa Yip: draw!
Round 4 action. (background) Sandeep Vadlamudi vs Arthur Tang; 
Terrence Fricker, black vs Jerry Williams.
Nithin Kavi, 3-9th, Premier Section; runner up, "best hat."
Harold Dondis, Esq. at 90+ scored +1 rating points in the Premier Section.
Harold won "best hat" of the event. 
Long hard think: Gabriel Birzu plans his strategy vs a
well-prepared Brandon Wu.  Birzu scored 3.5 points to win clear 1st 
in the U1650 Section. Brandon was 2-6th.
Gabriel Birzu plays Michael Yu who came in 2-6th.
Tony Cortizas, 2-6th, U1650 Section
Sammi Pan writes her move playing Tony DiNosse in Round 2.
Sammi also scored 2.5 points to share 2-6th place.
(background) Ted Cross vs Nathan Smolensky, in a make-up 
Paramount Tournament game.
William Wisdom vs David Sun in Round 3. Sun also scored 2.5 points
to place 2-6th in the U1650 Section. 
PS: Is there a win for White in this position?
And Lieberman vs Traldi, Round 4: White is up a pawn. 
Enough to win? Game ended in a draw.  
There were 19 players in the Premier Section;  13 in the U1650,
for a total of 32 participants in Earth Day chess.

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