Tuesday, April 23, 2013


IM Marc Esserman and Expert Jesse Nicholas 
share 1-2nd in Stress Test Chess
IM Esserman 7/9 for 1-2nd place
Expert BC Eagles Sophomore Jesse Nicholas 7/9 tied for 1/2nd place
Expert Evan Rabin plays black vs BCC President and event TD Nathan Smolensky in Round 4.
Natasha Christiansen (center, background)  Rabin scored 6 1/2 out of 9, good for clear 3rd place.
Endgame: Gregory Kaden plays black vs Ryan Sowa in Round 1.
Matthew Meredith (standing) and Nathan Smolensky, TD, observe.
Kaden scored 6/9 good for clear 4th place.
Matthew Meredith plays black vs Emmanuel Mevs. Meredith scored 5/9 to capture 5-6th place.
Matthew Manning plays black vs Mike Fitch in Round 7. 
Center, is Andrew Hoy who scored 5/9 and tied for 5-6th place.
Evan Rabin plays black vs Alexander Roy in Round 2. Roy finished the event
with 4.5 points, good for 7-9th place. (Background:) Meredith v Fitch; Kaden vs Nicholas and Ryan Sowa black vs Brandon Wu (hidden) . . .  Sowa also scored 4.5 points to share 7-9th place.
Spotlight on Achievement Award: to Brandon Wu
Brandon Wu vs Seth Lieberman, Round 4. Brandon scored 4.5 points to share 7-9th place. 
Brandon earned a +156 point change to his pre-tournament rating. Bravo Brandon!
Youngest player in tournament: 8 yr old Sammi Pan from Medford, MA.
Chess is always an educational experience.  Here Sammi Pan writes her move playing
the black pieces, vs 15 yr old Ji Tao in Round 5. Ji Tao is an honor student at Brookline High.
(background:) David Martin, Alexander Roy, Brandon Wu (red) and TD Nathan Smolensky.
Special Price as stated in the event ad: 
Free Entry to a future, regular BCC event 
to any BCC member who plays all nine rounds
Special free entry list: Nicholas, Rabin, Kaden & Wisdom 
Special thanks to Nathan Smolensky TD who not only conceived and designed this event but who ran it with professionalism and efficiency. A good time was had by all.
There were 23 participants in this most unique tourney.
Thanks also to Ken Ho who was thoughtful enough to bring in a substantial assortment of breakfast treats 
for this most lengthy tournament.  Bravo Ken!


Will Wisdom said...

Great multi-colored pictures.

Steve Stepak said...

SteveChess to William Wisdom: Thank you and bravo for playing all 9 grueling rounds. You are a trooper. And thanks to all the players and parents and spectators who made this most unique event a resounding success.