Monday, April 01, 2013


NM Eric Godin white vs Haupturnier Champ Ted Cross, Round 6
Brian Perez-Daple vs BCC President Nathan Smolensky
Sturbridge U2000 champ Jonathan Lee (right) plays Ed Astrachan
William Wisdom, black vs Bernardo Iglesias, TD
Anthony Cortizas vs Tom Pendergast
Tim O'Malley (right) vs Thomas Carr
Results from Round 5: Carr 1-0 over Wisdom; Cortizas 0-1 over Iglesias;
O'Malley vs Pendergast: adjourned.
Results from Round 6 and
standings in each of 2 sections after 6 rounds:
Godin vs Cross: draw; O'Malley vs Cross 0-1; Iglesias vs Wisdom adjourned;
Cortizas vs Pendergast 1-0; Perez-Daple vs Smolensky 1-0;  Lee vs Astrachan adjourned;
Combined Totals:
Section 1: Eric Godin 4.5 points; Brian Perez-Daple 2.5 points;
Ted Cross, Jonathan Lee and Ed Astrachan 2 points; Smolensky 1.5 points.
Section 2: Thomas Carr and Anthony Cortizas 4 points; Tim O'Malley 3 points;
Bernardo Iglesias and Tom Pendergast 2 points; William Wisdom 0 points.
See you all next Monday for the lucky Round 7!

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Tony Cortizas, Jr. said...

Round 6 info: Cross appears twice.

Did Carr beat OMalley? I though Carr had 4 pts before the start of the Rd 6.