Tuesday, April 16, 2013


in BCC April Grand Prix with 3.5 points.
Jesse Nicholas (right) plays Conway Xu in Round 2. Michelle Chen, black vs Carissa Yip (back, center)
Harold Dondis, (left, standing, observes) Armen Martirosyan awaits opponent (background, left)
IM Marc Esserman placed 2-3rd in Open Section with 3 points.
Carey Theil (right) placed 2-3rd with 3 points. Here Carey plays Seth Lieberman in Round 1.
Professor Timothy Sage (right) placed 4-5th in the Open Section with 2.5 points. 
Here Dr. Sage is playing black vs Seth Lieberman in Round 1.
Michelle Chen: 2.5 points in the Open Section, good for 4-5th place.
Brandon Wu vs Rohan Shankar, Round 2, U1800 Section GP
Shankar finished clear first with 3.5 points. Wu was 2-3rd with 3 points.
Full House: Richard Mooney (2-3rd, with 3 points) plays Bernard Coleman, Round 3.
Dan Giaimo, black vs David Sun (center, back) Gabriel Birzu, black vs Tony DiNosse (back, three)
Sun, Sandeep Shankar and Gabriel Birzu placed 4-6th each with 2.5 points.
Sandeep Shankar vs Michael Yu; 
(background) Richard Chen, black vs William Wisdom; Chris Burkhart vs Ji Tuo
Michelle Chen, black vs Carissa Yip, Round 2.
Armen Martirosyan vs Joel Wald / Harold Dondis (lime green) vs Ross Eldridge (background)
Jesse Nicholas shares his thoughts in postmorten Yip vs Chen.
Ed Chiu, Jerry Williams, Conway Xu (Michelle) and Percey Yip, listen attentively.
Left to right: Carey Theil, Jerry Williams, Harold Dondis (fur hat) Conway Xu, Michelle Chen, Carissa Yip and daddy Percey Yip engage in Yip-Chen R2 postmortem with Jesse Nicholas (back to camera)
Coleman (right) vs Mooney R3 postmortem. Big John (center) sets the stage.
Bernardo Iglesias, TD, (background, blue shirt) listens with interest.
 Tense endgame battle: Wald vs Smolensky, Round 3.
(left to right) Richard Mooney, Chris Burkhart, Dan Giaimo, Dr. Sage, Bernardo Iglesias, TD, 
and William Wisdom, observe with interest.
Round 4: Oops!  The position looks quite even. Joel Wald, a good sport,
acknowledges with a smile that this time he was a bit too slow (note clock with zero time).
Michelle Chen had 22 seconds remaining on her clock. A well-fought chess battle none-the-less.
 Bravo, Bravo ! Bernardo Iglesias, TD
Another fine performance in running this event of 37 players.

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