Sunday, April 28, 2013

GMs Storm Boylston!

The Boylston Chess Foundation Lecture Series continued this past Saturday with an exciting visit from GM Leonid Kritz, who offered a Tactical Thunderstorm, exploring some wild positions with the attendees.

The Boylston was also thrilled to welcome GM Kritz's wife, GM Nadezhda Kosintseva, and their good friend, and longtime friend of the Boylston, GM Eugene Perelshteyn.

All photos courtesy of Steven Stepak.


Rihel said...

How was attendance? I always thought that our lectures would be well attended if we held them after a tournament, say after the quads. So I'm curious how this experiment went.


Nathan said...

We had about a dozen people at the lecture. What exactly that means about having it after a tournament, is not clear. While a few of the attendees from outside the metro area may have come because of the convenience of sticking around, a few tournament participants expressed that they were too tired after a full day of chess to stay for the lecture.
Quads would be a different matter, of course, so that may be the next thing to try.

- Nathan

Rihel said...

Hi Nathan-- A dozen is about what you can expect for one of these. I think we maxed out with the top lectures getting maybe 25 people.

I would try post tournament but maybe only after a quad, when 3 rounds ends early enough for everyone.