Friday, November 25, 2011

More Chess Books for Sale-- Holiday Special

We have now updated our extensive collection of library books, which includes over 2500 unique titles and more than 500 duplicate books for sale.

You can find the updated book sale prices posted in our club-- BUT-- from now through the end of the Herb Healy event on New Year's Day, club members can take an additional 20% off the listed prices.

We have some real gems and interesting titles among the offered books-- here is a tiny sample.

If you liked Endgame, maybe you should check out Frank Brady's original Fischer biography, written at the height of Bobby' career.

This Averbach book is one of the most respected tactics books ever made.

We have both the hardback and paperback versions of this Polgar book for sale.

How to Beat the Russians, a companion book to Mednis's How to Beat Bobby Fischer, also on sale.

1234 Endgames is another classic, filled with great studies.

Are you stuck at the Class A level? Check out Alex Dunn's advice on How to become a candidate master.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(Folding) Party at the Club!

What are you doing this coming Tuesday evening? Want to come to a party? A folding party at the Club, sponsored by the Finance Committee?

No, I've not gone completely off my rocker (well, not completely!). The Finance Committee has put together a donation letter for the Club and help is needed to fold and "stuff it" so they can be mailed out.

The fact of the matter is that these letters are needed. Yes, your membership (you are a member, aren't you??) is extremely valuable and much appreciated. A small section of your tournament entry fees goes to support the Club as well. But, more is needed and this is where the Finance Committee's donation letter comes in!

And believe it or not, it can be fun! Folding allows you to talk and socialize with your fellow Club members who you usually meet somewhat silently over the board.

And there'll be donuts!

The Party is scheduled for 6:30PM, Tuesday, 29 November. Come help your Club out in an easy but very important way, and have some good conversation in the process!

See you then!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mika Brattain wins the National 8th Great Championships in Dallas!

Mika at the 2010 BU Open, photo by Robert Oresick.

Boylston Chess Club member Mika Brattain took clear first by a full point in the 8th grade National Championships. Mika adds this title to his other national accomplishments, including his 2009 K-5 Super Nationals Championship.

Congratulations, Mika!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Grand Prix is Coming on Saturday the 26th

The penultimate Grand Prix event is coming to the BCC the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so mark your calendar for the cheapest chess around. For only $7.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members, you get 4 rated games. Also, if you are in shouting distance of the great year end prizes, you better attend-- with only 2 Grand Prix events left in the year, 8 points is the max you can score.

The Leaderboard continues to churn with very close outcomes in all categories:

U2400-- Eric Godin, 13; Harold Dondis, 10.5, Avraam Pismennyy, 9.0; Chris Chase, 7.5
U2200-- Tian Rossi, 13; Harold Dondis, 10.5; Jason Rihel 9.5; Terrence Fricker, 9.5
U2000-- Mike Griffin, 11; Harold Dondis, 10.5, Jason Rihel 9.5; Terrence Fricker, 9.5
U1800-- Robert Holmgren, 20; Mark Neale, 19; David Martin, 16; Mike Griffin, 15
U1600-- Steven Stepak, 20; Mark Neale, 19; David Martin, 16
U1400-- Allen Wang,7; Brandon Wu, 5; Justin Wu, 5; Tony DiNosse, 4.5
U1200-- Arthur Tang, 7; Justin Wu, 5; Eddie Wang, 4

The biggest shakeup is in the U2000 section, where Mike Griffin has leapfrogged over the higher rated to take first place. Harold Dondis has also positioned himself in 2nd place in the U2400, U2200, and U2000 sections. In the U1800 section, Robert Holmgren's previously unstoppable 20 points is now challenged by Mark Neale's 19 points. And Steven Stepak hold first place in the U1600 section, also challenged by Mark. There are scenarios where Steven Stepak claims the U1800 prize and Mark Neale claims the U1600 one. In the U1400 and U1200 sections, Allen Wang and Arthur Tang hold the lead, but the Wu pair is making it a race in both sections.

Stay tuned-- the prizes will all be determined in the last two Grand Prixs of the year!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

17th annual BU Open 2011

Doc Kinne has his flags flying in the best tournament of his career...

Results and Prizes

Open Section
$300 1st and $100 2nd
Robert Perez 3.5 William Kelleher 3.5 Avraam Pismennyy 3.5

$100 Top under 2200 Charlie Fauman 3.0


$100 1st Ethan Dininno 4.0
$50 2nd Mike Bohigian 3.5 Garrett Kingman 3.5


$100 1st Thomas Brinkman 4.0
$50 2nd Barry Lai, Syed Al-Mamun
$50 Top U1200 Alon Trogan 3.0 Richard Kinne 3.0 Robert Sawdey 3.0
$50 top BU undegrad Gil Coarrubias Jr.

Top College Harvard

Top High School Cape Elizabeth (ME)

Top Middle School Sawdey brothers



Monday, November 14, 2011

IM Esserman Details the Boston Blitz's USCL Sad Near Miss

Check out BCC member IM Marc Esserman's detailed analysis of his brilliant win over GM John Fedorowicz in the US Chess League Playoffs. Unfortunately, the Boston Blitz team fell short in one of the nearest of misses, falling to the New York Knights' superior draw odds. Marc offers up many other chessic opinions for your entertainment.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Max Lu is the runner-up in the US Jr. Chess Congress.

Gina Chang shared with Bernardo the very good news that our long-time BCC member Max Lu had great success in CA.

Max became the runner-up in National Jr. Congress Chess Tournament in the age 15 & under section on Halloween Weekend. He earned 5 of 6 points. [Samuel Bekker of CA won the section with 6.0]

October 29-30 or 30: U.S. Junior Chess Congress, Santa Clara, CA

Well-done Max!

Chris Chase and Charles Riordan win the 2011 BCF Championship

Photo: Anthony Cortizas

NM Charles Riordan has now won the BCF Championship 4 times.

FM Chris Chase won the BCC Championship 8 times - more than any other player in the long history of the club.

Charles and Chris split the 1st ($300) and 2nd ($200) prizes and will play an Armageddon match for the sole free year-long entry.

IM Jonathan Yedidia took 3rd place and $100.

Congratulations to all!

Red Line Repairs in Effect!

Just a reminder: For those coming to the Boylston Chess Club Quads this weekend - and any weekend tournament during this winter - please remember that the MBTA Red Line is now stopping at Harvard Sq. Station in order to do track repairs during the weekends.

Shuttle buses between Harvard Sq., Porter Sq., Davis Sq. and Alewife are available and do work - I used them last weekend - but they are slower than the regular subway, so please take this into account and add at least 20 minutes if you're getting to the Club via the T due to traffic, weather, etc.

Do come to the Club soon to see our magnificent, brand new wooden chess sets that were generously donated to the Boylston Chess Club by Dan Schmidt!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Boylston Chess Club Upgrade!

Dear chess players,

Thanks to a generous donation from Boylston Chess Club member Dan Schmidt, the club has a new look and feel-- the entire playing area is now stocked with beautiful House of Staunton wooden chessmen.

No more random assortment of off-White rooks and pawns. Now you can make your tactical combinations with an extra sense of style.

We at the Boylston Chess Club are always looking for ways to improve the chessic experience in the greater Boston area. We hope these new pieces will enhance the quality of our membership.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New England Nor'easters Play for a Playoff spot, WEDNESDAY!

Dear fair weather chess fans!

Let's face it-- you haven't been watching the US Chess League this year like you did in the past. The Boston Blitz hightailed it to Providence, R.I., effectively destroying their fanbase. It didn't help that IM Esserman's games involved 3 draws, not a psycho-gambit in the bunch. The New England Nor'easters followed up their amazing undefeated season by failing to win in their first 4 matches. So you cut and ran. I get you.

But listen!

The Red Sox imploded and after four hours of 'breaking news' interviews with Epstein, Grady Little (Whoops! I meant Francona), and the binge drinkers in the bullpen, you are likely fed up with any more baseball.

What's more!

If you thought Tom Brady must have watched Tim Tebow's game tape for pointers before he got manhandled by the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend, you probably can't stand any of the National Concussion League.
I guess you could watch thrilling coverage of the NBA lockout. Or hockey pre-season games--there is always the, ahem, Bruins (who, even as Champs, will never fire up these ice hockey veins).

Or! Or! Or! You could come and watch the New England Nor'easters at the Boylston Chess Club on Wednesday at 7:30PM as they enter the final game with a chance at REDEMPTION! COMEBACK! PLAYOFFS! GREATNESS!

That's right, while you were fair weathering it up at home, you have missed the New England Nor'easters scrape and claw their way into playoff contention. It is all on the line Wednesday, when they take on the Baltimore Kingfishers. They will have to leave everything they have out there on the chessboard to make their playoff dreams come true (and need only a little help from spoilers, but never mind that!)

Here is the lineup:

Baltimore Kingfishers vs. New England Nor'easters
GM Giorgi Margvelashvili: 2538 vs. GM Sam Shankland: 2624
IM Tegshsuren Enkhbat: 2426 vs. IM Robert Hungaski: 2621
NM Jared Defibaugh: 2363 vs. FM Braden Bournival: 2396
FM Ralph Zimmer: 2280 vs. NM Mika Brattain: 2208
Avg Rating: 2402 vs. Avg Rating: 2462

Doin' a little Moneyball math, we can see that the New England Nor'easters have a slight ratings edge on the Baltimore squad. Furthermore, I'm quite sure that both Hungaski and Shankland have very impressive Win Shares, if I knew how to calculate that stuff. After watching Brad Pitt lead a scrappy Oakland team to a scrappy loss in the playoffs back in '01/'02, I also know that FM Bournival has a high On Base Percentage, which, I'm told, is the key stat that wins games, which is why Scott Hatterberg made the highest salary in baseball back then.

Another key factor for those A's was that side-arm pitcher with the wacky knuckledragging, almost underhand, toss from the mound. Maybe Mika still has time to alter his pitching mechanics for this all-important game-- 1.h3 anyone?

Why don't you come cheer on (quietly, let's not distract them mid-move) the New England team on Wednesday? As usual, we will be projecting the games onto the wall. Lots of us will pretend we know something about chess while some resident masters give us the real scoop on all the action.

You better show up now, or you will be mighty embarrassed during the playoffs when you pretend you were a fan all season long! Show up Wednesday night for a little fair-weather camouflage.

These guys are the Nor'easters-- they are all about rain and sleet and days off work and that nasty stuff we had last weekend.