Monday, February 07, 2005

From Cervantes' pen

Of course everyone recognizes that the Knights Errant bloggers are thematically descended from Cervantes' Don Quixote (if this is news to you, you may want to re-read this recent post).

For those whose reading tastes are limited to chess blogs, chess books and Star-Trek novels, Pawn Sensei was kind enough to dig up the original source material:
"A man who could look back upon an ancestry of genuine knights-errant extending from well-nigh the time of Pelayo to the siege of Granada was likely to have a strong feeling on the subject of the sham chivalry of the romances."

"....or with eyes brimming over with merriment gazing at one of those preposterous portraits of a knight-errant in outrageous panoply and plumes with which the publishers of chivalry romances loved to embellish the title-pages of their folios."

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