Friday, February 11, 2005

Rabbits! Everywhere Rabbits!

The Knights Errant have certainly been breeding like bunnies as of late and a post by CelticDeath sent me in the literary direction of John Updike (see my comment).
I've been thinking about how the blogging experience of our newest friends differs from that of the old-timers (sort of amazing that having a 4-6 month old blog in this community makes you an old-timer!?). Don and Sancho, do you remember how exciting it was to receive your first few comments from someone other than each other? Nowadays the newcomers are showered with feedback from the beginning. In some ways it's a reverse Ponzi scheme. Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. I just think it's interesting how the point in time in which you join the circle affects your experience and perceptions.

On a related note, I'm interested in what's been driving the explosive growth of the Chess Blogosphere in general and the Knights in particular since the beginning of February. To that end, I have a question for those of you who have joined recently: Did you read the blogs of the Knights and then decide to create your own or did you start your blog and only later discover the existence of the Knights?

For now, let's move on to introductions:
  • Fussy Lizard has been mentioned here before, but now that he has his own blog the designation "Silent Knight" may not be completely appropriate. It seems like we should stick with Don's "dub" unless he thinks otherwise; if for some reason we need to change at a later date one possibility might be the "Cold-Blooded Knight".

  • Next up is Yet Another Patzer, our second knight from outside North America. For our Argentinean friend I'll try another poor attempt at humor - "The International Knight of Mystery."

  • Finally, give a welcome to King of the Spill. I'm all out of good names at the moment (and bad ones, for that matter), so we'll put this responsibility on hold for now (of course, your suggestions are always welcome).
P.S. - I'm now absolutely certain that CelticDeath was given the appropriate appellation. The spell checker wants to change his name to "cultist."

P.P.S. - Another rabbit ... It turns out that Chris Kilgore at Adventures in Georgia Tournament Chess is also a La Mazian.

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