Sunday, February 20, 2005

Someone throw in the towel

I give up! I long for the good 'ol days when in ten or fifteen minutes I could traverse from Don to Pawn and finally to J'adoube and get my daily fill of the Knights. Now, such a trek through the Errant ones might take an hour.

On the plus side, having more people has led to a broader diversity of content, perspectives and opinions. For example:
Regrettably, it is simply not possible to put together comprehensive reviews of all the Knights anymore. Instead, I'll have to focus on only the most compelling, insightful, touching and/or humorous pieces. Don't despair though; take it as a call to arms to raise the level of your blogging even higher. With that spirit in mind, I offer you Don's recent post "Awoken by Jesus."

Finally, we have some naming of new Knights to complete. I still owe one to King of the Spill and now that I have a better understanding of the meaning of "spill", I shall dub him the Loquacious Knight. Fatboy is easy - the Knight of the Round, not the Round Table. Our first member from the fairer sex, Margriet, deserves a status beyond mere Knight. Since the Empress title has been claimed, I shall call her the Princess Errant. As for Desperate Measures, I dub thee the Knight of Last Resort. And last but not least, Takchess - I know not enough about him yet, so we shall wait a bit before deciding.

P.S. To all the new Knights who are undoubtedly wondering what they have to do to include the list of Knights Errant in their sidebars, these instructions should get you started.

P.P.S. For Don - That same Bill Robertie was the 1975 Boylston Chess Club Champion.

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