Thursday, February 24, 2005

There's no cheering in chess

A player gets caught up in the moment and loses the match for his team - somewhat reminiscent of the Yankee's third baseman in the ALCS.
Facing the division’s top team, the underdogs had Bermudian Springs on the brink of defeat during the day’s final bout. Scoring one upset victory after another, the two-hour battle culminated with Biglerville’s hopes resting on one last move.

With the score tied at two wins a piece, an uplifting win was within an arms length. Time was running out on Bermudian.

As it turns out, time did run out, as a Bermudian Springs’ player exceeded his time limit.

Thinking that his team had seized triumph, a Biglerville teammate yelled, “Time’s up!”

Penalty. Bermudian was granted a time extension.

Minutes later, checkmate. Final score: Bermudian 3, Biglerville 2.
Read "High school chess players take the game very seriously" from the Gettysburg Times.

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