Friday, November 12, 2004

More Accolades for BCC Weblog

"...the center of the chess blogging universe..." - Kenilworth Chess Club

"[One of] our choices for the top chess blogs on the Web." -

"...a welcome...addition to the local chess tradition. Readers...are in for a treat." - The Boston Globe

"...the best chess blog (and I mean it)..." - Chess News and Events

"Provocative and refreshing ... If blogs were dairy products, this would be the cream." - Sarah Beth

"...ever-excellent..." - Streatham & Brixton Chess Club

"I love your blog -- the postings are hilarious." - WFM Elizabeth Vicary

"...a goldmine! The Boylston Chess Club Weblog is a fantastic site. Not only is this a fantastic blog, but it is the premier site for chess blog links. You won't find anything better on the net." - Gambetto

"Love your blog by the by. I read it every day." - Don (Man de la Maza)

" of my absolute favorite chess blogs..." - BlueEyedRook

"BCC Weblog is 'Chess Blog Central.' can find all the best chess blogs - and lot's of great posts that are very entertaining and informative (and often very witty and amusing)." - Rook Van Winkle

"Alex Cherniack's A Knight's Tale... [is the] chess article I've seen so far this year." - The Chess Mind

"...the guru of the chess blogosphere..." - Chessdom

"...dinâmico e importante blogue..." - Ala de Rei

"...the Boylston blog keeps me informed on local issues." - GM Larry Christiansen

"...I again marvel at the integrity and beauty and concision of your blog, so artfully done with Thoreauian economy of metre and form. Bravo." - DK transformation

"...the chess universe nexus..." - J'adoube

"...the Mother Ship." - Hisbestfriend

"There's a wonderland of chess material here." -

" of the premier chessblogs in North America." - Chessdad64

"Chessninja, Boylston and Chessmind are the top 3 chess blogs." - Clint Ballard

"A Great Chess Blog" - Wagle’s World

"One of the best chess blogs on the net. It also holds the BEST link directory for other chess blogs on the net by far!... Must see!!!" - Gambetto chess blog links

One of USCL Commissioner Greg Shahade's top five chess-related websites.

"This blog is the top of the bill...for chess...outside the official news." - Logis

"Als je naar het centrum van het schaakblog universum wilt moet je bij de Boylston Chess Club zijn..." - Duveltje's Schaakweb

"...a punchy and well done blog..." - The 64 Square Jungle

"...surprised and be linked to by this blog." - Maverick Philospher

"Good job breaking this [story] before ChessNinja and ChessBase!" - Howard Goldowsky

"The Boylston Chess Club's web blog ... is excellent. I highly recommend this site to any and all chess hounds." - Central Oregon Chess Journal

"...not just ... useful but also pleasurable to read..." - Chess Tyro

"The written word is still the most supple medium of communication, and DG wields it well. His coverage and analyses were superb." - Tom Panelas

"...really a good site and very extensive....a must to check out..." - Chessalee

"Me gusta este blog y me gustaría seguir viendo blogs de este estilo, donde los clubes aprovechen internet para darse a conocer." - Genios64

"GPCF Link of the Week" - Greater Peoria Chess Federation

"I have never been to the Boylston chess club, so I dont' know terribly much about it, but boy... can they do a website. I can't say enough good things about this site. It's ultimately one that with a) much more time; b) much more computer skills; and c) much more creativity, I would like this blog to emulate. I think it rivals (and thoroughly beats!) many of its more corporate/commercial competitors." - BlueEyedRook

"...really works hard at keeping us honest. Does that guy ... get any sleep or what?" - Pawn Sensei

"Keep up the good work here..." - Chess-In-Chicago Webmaster

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