Friday, July 14, 2006

Chess Blog Puttanesca

There have been several "around the chess blogosphere" pieces posted recently:
  • offers links to several of their favorite posts from last month in Elsewhere on the Web: Blog Tripping in June. In particular, The Closet Grandmaster was cited for providing the best coverage of the Turin Olympiad, Gormallygate, and the FIDE presidential election. Two pieces here at BCC Weblog also received mentions -- Rihel on Chess Life and the US Championship and Weaver Adams: In his own words.

  • Chessdad64 penned an article for the Illinois Chess Bulletin -- Explorations in the Chess Blogosphere -- which he adapted into a post on The 64 Square Jungle. Chessdad asked me for some thoughts on major trends in chess blogosphere, which he included at the end of the piece.

  • At brainwashcafe you'll find Chess Pimp Links -- an occasionally irreverent review of several blogs from our corner of the 'sphere. TCG, The Chess Mind, Shakmaty Bereolos, and others come in for some mild ribbing and criticism, but I wouldn't take it all too seriously. I mean, who knew that Dennis M. was "the FIDE president's right hand?"

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