Saturday, September 08, 2007

From the Bard of the Blogosphere

While his essay project on chess bloggers is still far from complete, DK Transformation has embarked on another major blogging project. Parts 1 & 2 of 3 of his Semi-Annual State of the Elation/Divination Report are posted.

While part 2 is a rather straightforward discussion of chess improvement plans (until one reaches the notes and comments), part 1 is vintage DK. When finished you'll ask, "Is he crazy or is he brilliant?" I'm betting on both.
Speaking of essays in three parts, Chess Tales is in the midsts of posting 16-year old Emma Pierson's piece entitled, Why I Play Chess (part 1 and part 2). Here is a sampling:
It is getting late. I am sitting across the table from a guy, our knees not quite touching. Around us, the room has gradually emptied and now we are alone. Our eyes meet for half a second; he looks away. I continue to study his face, searching for clues. He seems composed; my hands are shaking. I watch intently as he meets my eyes again and reaches slowly towards me.

Then he moves his rook two squares to the right and taps the clock, starting my timer counting down. I cup my chin in my hands, trying to overcome my exhaustion. We have been playing for four hours, and I have not eaten dinner; my headache has faded to a mental numbness. As my energy has ebbed, however, my antipathy has grown; at this point, my need for food is compensated for by my desire to destroy my opponent. I contemplate hideous chessboard revenges–first, I'll skewer him, then I'll fork his rooks; I'll finish him off with a vicious zugzwang. He resigns half an hour later, to my relief, and I feel my anger fading. No longer my opponent, he now seems likeable once more. As we pick up the pieces, I remember what it's so easy to forget–it's only a game.
Imagine being able to write like this at the tender age of 16.

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