Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Boston team wins at the AMATE

Paul MacIntyre, Brian Hulse, Libardo Rueda, and Alan Price won 6 of 6 to lead the 39th annual Amateur Team East in Parsippany, NJ.

Congratulations on a truly impressive achievement.

Many Bostonians traveled to the 39th AMATE. Several teams were loaded with Boylston players and in most rounds at least three BCF saturated teams were behind the velvet ropes.

In the sixth and final round, on board one was Paul's team, on two was Bill Kelleher's team, and on four was Marc Esserman's team. The team Paul McIntyre, Brian Hulse, Libardo Rueda, and Alan Price won with a perfect 6.0 in a typically strong AMATE field. LM Brian Hulse, I think, is from New York - the Marshall club, but Paul, Libardo, and Alan are familiar Boylston players. Paul said Alan has been on another winning AMATE team.
I took a few pictures to share the why this tournment has been a favorite of many chess players for almost four decades.


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