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BU Open 2009

The 15th annual BU Open 2009 was held on Saturday, Nov 7. It was a beautiful New England autumn day, which the glass windows of the BU student union backcourt venue allowed the players to enjoy.



91 players participated – I think a record turnout for a BU Open. It would have certainly been a new high, but after having pre-registered, several BU Open fans had to cancel because of illness – Barry Lai, Chris Chase, Harold Dondis, Marc Esserman, and Bill Kelleher.


One of the enjoyable features of the tournament is the number of people who return year after year – and the were new faces – several people playing in their first rated tournament and people new to the area. For example, WGM Anya Corke, who is from Hong Kong and a freshman student at Wellesley College, trekked in to spend the day in Boston.



This year IM Dave Vigorito won

. .

and WGM Anya Corke took second.


Congratulations to both.


Bellow is a summary of the results. Bernardo Iglesias, who did an admirable job as usual, had the tournament rated by Sat evening, so you can visit USCF for the complete crosstable.


Note Bene: The BCF helped make the event possible by sponsoring it under its affiliation with the USCF. The BU chess club is grateful to the BCC for all its support to BU and to the greater Boston Chess community.


Tony Cortizas took some superb photos again and posted them in an album here.

I also shot some pictures – view them here.

Amici sumus,

Robert Oresick



Open Section

1st $350

IM David Vigorito (4)

2nd $125

WGM Anya Corke (3.5)

Top U2200 $100

NM Frank Wang (3) $50 and Jesse Nicholas (3) $50


U1900 Section

1st $100

Michael Raphael (4)

2nd $50

Mike Griffin (3.5) $25 and Richard Han (3.5) $25


U1600 Section

1st $100

Corey Tolbert (4) $75 and Travis Dover (4) $75

1st and 2nd prizes were combined and divided between the tied 1st place winners.

2nd $50

Brian Costello (3) $0, Benjamin Fein (3) $0, Eric Lawless (3) $0,

Austin Collins (3)$0 , Siddhart Arun (3) $0, Matthew Lee (3) $0, Steve Wollkind (3) $0,

George Gram (3) $0, and Alexander Kurjatko (3) $0

1st and 2nd prizes were combined and divided between the tied 1st place winners.

Top U1200 $50

Sandeep Vadlamudi (2) $25 and Matthew Messer (2) $25

Allan Ong Top BU undergrad $50

Austin Collins (3)


Top College - Northeastern University

Corey Tolbert (4), Michael Raphael (4), Eric Lawless (3),

George Gram (3), Gregory Siciliano (1.5), and Tim Trubko (1)


Top High School - Newton

Richard Han (3.5), Jacob Fauman (1) and Lior Rozhansky (0)


Top Primary School - Newton Day School

Alex Fauman (2) and Charlie Fauman (3)

Note: only the top three scorers are counted for the team totals.

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