Monday, March 29, 2010

Flood Update-- Sunday March 28th; April 3rd Quads CANCELED

Dear Chessplayers,

As regular members and readers should know, the club was flooded by the torrents of rain two weeks ago. Despite our efforts to keep the club dry, we kept springing leaks.

I am happy to report that the leaks have stopped, and the club has been dry for the last 48 hours. Our phone is also working again.

This is good news, but we are not back to normal yet. Our neighbors still have significant water, the water table is still high, and more rains are predicted this week. We also have our walls cut away six inches from the ground throughout the club that will need to be replaced before we can function. And finally, we will need to clean the club and restore it.


* Although we have hopes for this week, we are still CANCELING our April 3rd quad.

* The Thursday Night Swiss and the Monday Night Paramount ARE STILL PLAYING, in the Go Club Room up the hall from us, as needed.

* We are currently planning a special event for April 10th, either in our restored space or in an alternative, temporary space. Stay tuned here and to the website for more information in the coming week.

* We will need volunteers to whip the club into shape once the walls have been restored. Please keep checking this blog and our website for details as the next two weeks unfold.

Finally, let me assure everyone that the club is in no long-term danger. We will be holding our regular events again soon, and we are pursuing multiple backup plans in the event of a protracted recovery. We understand that our regular players are frustrated by the disruption, but we are doing our very best to restore New England's oldest, largest, and most profilic chess club to full power.



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