Monday, August 22, 2011

Grand Prix Update-- July 28th next event

The next Grand Prix is scheduled for Saturday, August 27th. Only $7.00 for members, and $10 for members, this is some of the cheapest rated chess in New England.

The Grand Prix now features new prizes! Instead of the 1 year free membership, $100 cash (both still options), winners of the U2400, U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400, and U1200 prizes can now choose to have several free entries at the Boylston Chess Club. If you are a club member, winners can choose to receive 8 free tournaments; non-members can choose to receive 5 free tournaments.

After the July Grand Prix tournament, the leaderboard is holding steady, but many players are within 1-2 points in many categories. There are still many months to go.

U2400 Avraam Pismennyy 9, Eric Godin, 8.5, Chris Chase 7.5
U2200 Tian Rossi 7.5, James Lung 5, Leonid Tkach 4.5
U2000 Jason Rihel 9.5, Harold Dondis 7, Terrance Fricker 6
U1800 Robert Holmgren 18, Mike Griffin 10.5, Mike Bohigian 9
U1600 Mark Neale 13.5, David Martin 12.5, Steve Stepak 12
U1400 Allen Wang 4, James Zhou 3.5, Eric Hu 3.5
U1200 Thomas Demartino 17.5, Arthur Tang 3.5, Ashok Ramadoss 3

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