Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grand Prix on Saturday, Sept 17th!

Just a reminder that the cheapest chess in New England ($7.00 for members, $10.00 for non-members) is this Saturday at the Boylston Chess Club in Davis Square.

Remember, the year end winners will have the choice of great prizes-- one year membership to the Boylston Chess Club, $100 cash, OR up to 8 free entries to BCC tournaments in 2012!

The races have started to tighten up, as several leaders have been idle over the summer.

After the August Grand Prix, we have the following leaders in each category:

U2400-- Avraam Pismennyy 9.0; Eric Godin 8.5; Chris Chase 7.5

U2200-- Tian Rossi 10.5; Harold Dondis 7.0; Jerry Williams 7.0; Terrence Fricker 7.0

U2000-- Jason Rihel 9.5; Terrence Fricker 7.0; Harold Dondis 7.0; Jerry Williams 7.0

U1800-- Robert Holmgren 18.0; David Martin 15.0; Steven Stepak 15.0

U1600-- Mark Neale 15.5; David Martin 15.0; Steven Stepak 15.0

U1400-- Thomas Demartino 21; Allen Wang 5.0

U1200-- Arthur Tang 6.0; Sean Barkowsky 3.5


Anonymous said...

Forcing members to stand up because you supect underhandedness is rediculous.A person is innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country .I have personally played the individual in question with no problem .He is suma cum loud in my opinion. Grow up and stop being encouraged by angry jealous members.

Anonymous said...

Why do people get angry and hate when other people excel higher then usual . Why dont we celebrate and congradulate instead of crusifie and chase away.

Anonymous said...
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J marcus said...

Ha ha ha , I would just say no im not gonna keep my hands on the table .what if my ass itches. Who can possibly stand for a whole tourny and make prudent decisions.

Anonymous said...
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Rihel said...

Dear Anonymous.

The player in question was not forced to stand. In fact, he chose to stand of his own will. We only asked him to play in the aisle seat with his scoresheet above the table. Anonymous needs to stop listening to rumors and wait for a future statement from the Boylston about this matter.

In brief, the Boylston Chess Club has been made aware of serious cheating allegations. We will be meeting as a Board to determine the merit of these allegations, but they include the direct observation by disinterested parties (i.e. not a jealous chessplayer) of a handheld device being used between every move. It also includes computer analysis of games by top chess players. The Board will decide if this and other evidence reaches the level of proof.

The Boylston Chess Club does not tolerate cheating, but we also have been trying to be fair to both the accused and the rest of our players. Any decisions are made by the full Board of Directors, not by rumor-filled jealous players.

Jack said...

Well well well the powers that be have spoken lets run and hide.

Mt said...

Im hoping you and your exaulted Board members all be defeated by this mystery cheater at the Big tournys Im going to have a good time .he he he

Mt said...
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Abdul said...

I observed him defeating esserman in h .square during a blitz where was his computer then at night you cant help but see it glowing .Nothing just good clean crisp moves.its a witch hunt.

Rihel said...

Anonymous posts have been disabled at this due to several inappropiate comments that do not adhere to the standards of the Boylston Chess Club weblog.

Please sign in to make comments for now.

Tian said...
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