Wednesday, April 04, 2012

South Station Simul with Larry C - April 10

Larry can play with two dolphins at the same time,
but can he play with 25 fish simultaneously?

GM Larry Christiansen
will take on 25 players simultaneously
at South Station on April 10, 5-7 PM.

There is no fee. A prize of free entry to a BCC tournament goes to anyone who beats Larry.
Nathan Smolensky posted a poem about the March simul earlier in the BCF blog indicating that the only winner was Jesse Nicholas. Jesse won a free entry to a BCC tournament. There were no draws. We did not keep track of the number of games, but many more than 25 were played - not all 25 boards were filled at one time, but new players replaced players who had finished their games. Also, some players played multiple games successively - one person played 5 games or so.

Come to South Station and try your luck. It's a great opportunity to face a three-times US Champion and face the attacking Larry C you have read in his terrific books and watched on ICC.

Larry is America's most prominent attacking player, and that's no bull.

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