Thursday, May 09, 2013

Smolensky: Vote for me for MACA President 2013

Note: The views expressed in the following post are the personal opinions of one of the writers of this blog, and do not constitute any official Boylston Chess Foundation endorsement of a candidate for this position.

The ballots for the 2013 Massachusetts Chess Association elections have been sent out, and, if you were a MACA member as of this February, you should be receiving one shortly, or already have. As some of you may know, I am running for MACA's highest office. Today, I'm going to explain why you should vote for me.

E. Godin - N. Smolensky. Photo credit: Steven Stepak

As you can see, I meet 1. e4 with e5. Why? Because I face the issues head on!

I'm not going to promise some wild flank approach, because that's just going to lead to complications, and complications are not what we need in MACA right now. Nor should we be sitting idly by and allowing our problems to expand into the heart of our Commonwealth. Plans to subvert the issues later on cannot be relied upon, either. Hypermodernism is fine on the chess board, but it isn't sensible with so much at stake.

With an e5 player at the helm, you can count on clear planning driven by good old common sense. New ideas will still be more than welcome in MACA's future - whether it's our scholastic offerings, our adult tournaments, the way we interact with club and school programs, or anything else we do, the possibilities are infinite, and I'm eager to hear the thoughts and suggestions of all those involved in chess in the state - but that future begins with having a functioning organization, with putting MACA in a position to succeed. 

So vote for me! I play e5!

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