Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Nithin Kavi knotched 3 points to win the Open Section of Grand Prix June 2013.
As they say in the business: keep your eye on this lad: +52 to 1954 rating, at 11 yrs old.
Key game in Round 4 of GP: NM Eric Godin vs Nithin Kavi.
Godin scored 2.5 points to share 2-4th place.
[Note: hats and caps are "in" as tournament garb]
Battle of the Caps: Nithin Kavi vs Mark Neale R3.
NM Hal Terrie vs Nithin Kavi, Round 1. Terrie scored 2.5 points
to share 2-4th place in the Open Section.
Classic Coca Cola Bottle: Neale vs Jesse Nicholas, Round 2.
Nicholas scored 2.5 points to share 2-4th place in the Open Section.
Natasha Christiansen plays black vs NM Carey Theil, Round 2, Open Section.
On the field of battle: Arthur Tang vs Jason Tang, Round 2, Open Section.
U1800 Section:
Steve Stepak vs Daniel Wang, Round 1, U1800 Section.
I am proud to say that I have launched two careers thus far this year.
Here I am playing a 9 yr old, a perfect gentleman at the board, and
an accurate endgame player, way beyond his young years.
I had the thematic "d5" pawn push in the opening, winning the game with a tactic
which I only discovered in post mortem. Daniel smiled when I showed
it to him. He saw it during the game! Daniel went on to score a total
of 3.5 points for clear first in the U1800 Section June Grand Prix and a +116 rating gain.
I finished with 3 points, good for 2-4th with David Martin and Sandeep Shankar.
Round 4 Game: Eric Han, black vs Daniel Wang.
David Martin plays black vs Michael Yu to a draw in Round 1. 
Martin scored 3 poionts to share 2-4th place in the U1800 section.
David Martin vs Sandeep Shankar in Round 3. Shankar finished with 3 points, 
sharing 2-4th place in the U1800 Section. (Background): David Zhu Sun vs Michael Yu; 
Richard Chen, black vs Tony DiNosse, U1800 Section
Tony Cortizas plays black vs Aaron Brown, Round 3.
(Background, upper left): Larry Jin vs Daniel Wang.
It all boils down to this: the endgame!
There were 24 players in this event.
Another splendid job by Bernardo Iglesias,
Tournament Director

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