Saturday, December 14, 2013

Annual Appeal 2013

Did you know the Boylston is one of the oldest chess organizations in the United States? You may not realize it, but when you play at the Bolyston you are surrounded by history. Our roots go back all the way to 1850, and we were formally organized in 1919. Many notable players have frequented the Boylston, including Harry Nelson Pillsbury, Harry Lyman, and three-time U.S. Champion Larry Christiansen. 
In addition, when you support the Boylston Chess Foundation you help a non-profit organization that directly funds youth education programs and pro- motes the game we love. We are an important part of the community, and that is why our Board of Directors works so hard to ensure our mission can continue. 
The Boylston Chess Club Charter, dated 1919 
Unfortunately, we do not generate enough revenue from our tournaments and membership fees alone to survive. We truly depend on donations from members like you. That is why we’re asking you to make a donation today of $15, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000 or whatever you can afford.  Because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible. 
In particular, we are seeking donations to continue our successful Afterschool Chess Lessons. Thanks to this program, young chess enthusiasts receive instruction twice a month from seven-time club champion FM Christopher Chase. Although this program has been very successful, it may soon end unless funding becomes immediately available. 
Finally, we hope to hold more tournaments like the recent Elaine Kahn Memorial. Richard Kahn generously donated the $1000 prize fund in honor of his late wife, and our foundation retained all proceeds.  This tournament had a great turnout of 51 players, and generated more than $1,100 for our Foundation minus expenses. If you are in a position to fund a noteworthy tournament like this, please make a similar donation. We would be happy to name a tournament in accordance with your wishes. 
These two important programs need funding, so please send your tax-deductible gift today. By working together, we can continue our proud tradition as the foremost chess club in Greater Boston. 

  Carey Theil 

  and the Boylston Chess Foundation Board of Diretors

Please accept my check to support the programs and services of the     
Boylston Chess Foundation.


__$25   __$50  __$100   __$250   __$500  __$1,000  __ $2,000   $___other

(If you would like to join or rejoin the BCF,
please see appropriate amount below.)
Membership type and fee
c Regular adult………………….......$__________
($125 /year;   $70 /six months)

c Junior………………………..……..$__________
(Under 18; $100/year; $56/six months)

c Senior adult…………………..……$__________
(65+; $100 /year; $56 /six months)

c Family ……...................................$__________
(Parents and children in a single household; $125 /year; $70 /six months)

Total:                  $ _________________

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________ City: ______________________________State: ____________ZIP: _______

Home phone: ___________________________________Work phone: ________________________________________

E-mail address: ________________________________________________ USCF Id #: __________________________

School or college: ________________________________________________Year of birth if scholastic: _____________

Please make your check payable to
“Boylston Chess” and mail to

Boylston Chess Foundation
PO Box  440188
Somerville, MA 02144

Or use PayPal on the Boylston website


 A receipt and our federal tax ID number will be sent to you with our thank you note.
(Please note that membership dues are not tax deductible.)

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