Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rihel returns

Bernardo (BCC president 1990-1991) and Jason (BCC president 2009-2011)  photo:  Steve Stepak

Jason Rihel visited the Boylston last week.  Jason (BCC president 2009-2011) was in Cambridge for a conference and stopped by the club on his way to the airport to return to London.

It was great to see him.  I am sure his smile was due to his pleasure at being back at the club, but partly due also to the afterglow of his lab's recent discovery of a new type of cell in the zebrafish brain.


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Rihel said...

It was so nice to see everyone, even if so quickly. The space is amazing, and I am so glad that the club has the facilities that it deserves.

Next time I am in town, I will make a longer visit and try to play in one of the club events at the very least!