Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Quads report

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Nicholas Sterling posted in Bay State Chess Kings Facebook Group.
Nicholas Sterling
July 9 at 7:59 PM
Fellow BCF Chess Players, 
Even though we were up against the World Open in Philadelphia this weekend, we still had a respectable showing of 28players for the July Quads. My thanks to Nithin Kavi, who, in addition to sweeping the top Quad, assisted me capable as TD.

And as you'll see in the winners' list, youth triumphed over adulthood all the way down the Quads, showing once again how powerful and dominating MA Scholastic players are.


Quad #1: Nithin Kavi
Quad #2: Kevin James Hass, Brian Yin (tied)
Quad #3: Sharvil Trifale
Quad #4: Matthew Garcia
Quad #5: Prachi Dayal
Small Swiss: Jericho Carlson

My next events directing will be the Sunday Scholastic on 7/22 and the $15 Open on 7/28. See you over the board.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
Boylston Chess Club
Local TD

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