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88th MA Open report by Dr Nick Sterling

88th MA Open 

05-25-2019 - 05-27-2019

Ridvan Sakir v Denys  Shmelov   photo: Nick Sterling

Fellow MA Chess Players,

The chess community of the country of Turkey, even if it does not know it, is celebrating tonight.

MACA observed Memorial Day weekend once again with the 88th MA Open and State Championship held at the Westford Regency. Thanks to Bob Messenger, Frank Vogel, Dmitriy Barash, and incoming MACA President Oleg Poliannikov for directing.

Among the nearly 300 players were GM Alexander Ivanov, MA Masters Denys Shmelov, Lawyer Times, Nathan Solon, David Vigorito, and Danila Poliannikov, along with RI Master Ryan Sowa, NH Master Hal Terrie, and NY Master Iris Mou.

None of them likely, nor anyone else, was prepared for what was about to happen.

Enter FIDE CM Ridvan Sakir, a 19-year pre-med from Turkey who has been visiting New England this year for an English language program to assist him one day to immigrate to the US in a few years after completing his medical program in Turkey.

After drawing with Denys Shmelov and defeating Kenneth Thomas, Iris Mou, Libario Rueda, Alexander Ivanov, and Lawyer Times, Ridvan emerged the winner. He secured sole Champion status once Nathan Solon on Board 1 defeated Denys Shmelov in a Q & P endgame.

One should have seen the enormous beaming smile on his face when he learned that he had won. It was Sam Shankland 2018 all over again. And this was an especially sweet and joyous moment for me because I was his driver between Westford and Cambridge. Uniquely did I get to share his jubilation.

The physical Trophy will have to remain here in the US, but the title of 2019 MACA State Championship will reside overseas in Turkey.

From the chess community of MACA to the chess community of the country of Turkey, rapturous in a state of festivity, congratulations to Ridvan.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
MACA, Local TD


MA State Championship (FIDE-rated):
1st:  Ridvan Sakir
2nd: Nathan Solon
3rd:  Denys Shmelov
1st-2nd (tied): Anton Barash, Andrew The

1st-2nd (tied): Ranjan Dey, Arthur Nagel

1st: Ian Van Hulle
2nd (tied): Kurt Amber

1st (tied): Vadim Martirosov, Charles Slade

Scholastic K-12 U1500:
1st: Tyler Cummins
2nd: Steven Feng

Scholastic K-12 U700:
1st: Santhosh Ayyappan
2nd: Anushka Ayyappan

Scholastic K-3 U1200:
1st-2nd (tied): Andrew X. Liu, Pragyan Sriram

Scholastic K-3 U400:
1st: John Duguid
2nd: George Zhang

Scholastic K-6 U1400:
1st: Franklin Lewis
2nd (tied): Alex Haight, Kaustubh Kislay
Scholastic K-6 U600:
1st: Lev Strougov
2nd (tied): Yan Barash, Aidin Narynbekov

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