Friday, April 24, 2020

Future Masters: Combat Covid-19 Online Scholastic

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Future Masters: 

Combat Covid-19 Online Scholastic

So one of my coaches Kishore Mosaliganti had this fantastic idea 
His idea is to have a scholastic fundraiser for CDC combats COVID-19 relief fund. Where we have  kids from our Academy get involved and actually organize this event. 
(Yi Wang just did something similar and had over 100 participants.)

Here is link to it on Maca website:

At least we are still all connected thru the internet. 


Future Masters Chess Academy  
Event Location: Online via   [ Directions ]
Hotel Info: This is an online Tournament on See more instructions for registering and logging in at
Event Date: Saturday, May 16, 2020
Time Control: Game 10. 5 round Swiss
Rounds Time: 6:00 pm and ASAP
Prize Info: All proceeds go to support CDC Foundation Covid-19 relief efforts receive free Trial Class to FMCA. If FMCA member wins they obtain 15 min private review of Combat Covid games
Inquiry:    617 596 5856
Event Webpage:

Entry:   $5.00

Available till END OF DAY OF 5/14/2020.

Register Now! Over 1000 Under 1000. Under 500

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